Bilinear interpolation with fixed grid


I’m trying to make an image warper, that takes in controlpoints and by moving the controlpoints it would warp the image.
Something similar to the bilinear interpolation example in three js, but with for example 5*3 controlpoints.

This is the original example of bilinear interpolation in three js.

The problem is that i’m stuck with the shader code, i can’t modify it appropriately so it would make the desired effect.

How could I modify it this way?
Any help would be life saver!

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Any chance to provide what you have tried?


Any reference or explanatory pic/vid?

So basically i would like to have the same effect but with more controlpoints, like this:

Or something like this, but with fixed controlpoints:

Unfortunately I cant really provide any useful source code, because I gave up using the shader, and I’ve been trying to move only the vertices around.:confused: