Auto-rigging? Still something only Mixamo can do?

Hey everyone,

Most of us know about Mixamo and how they do auto-rigging for any avatar-based model. (Go to if you don’t know it)

But is this something they can only do?

Has anyone found an OpenSource solution? Regardless if it runs on a server or the client’s computer.

most of their models are built using a common skeleton hierarchy.
When you load an animation separately, it already contains the correct references for the skeleton.
Sharing Animation Clips - Three.js Tutorials (

I’m not wondering how to use their models, rather than use any avatar model and auto-generate the weights.

In Mixamo you can upload your own avatar and it’ll automatically calculate the vertices weights related to every bone of the skeleton.

are you saying that you can just go into blender, create some random model, upload it to mixamo and it just works?

Yes, that’s how Mixamo works. (Not exactly a random model, it should be humanoid shape)

I found this RigNet: Neural Rigging for Articulated Characters but it’s too complex to have it as a solution for what I need. Looks like a headache to implement a server with this setup.

Perhaps it uses some kind of pose estimation.
Sounds complicated to build, but not impossible.
There are lots of projects on GitHub about it
pose-estimation · GitHub Topics

I also found these guys using RigNet: — 2D image to 3D avatar creation | by Alex Ionkov | Medium

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To add to this discussion:

Mixamo has some kind of algorithm to auto-rig models, however it’s not completely automatic.

It requires:

  • A model that it can detect is in t-pose stance.
  • The user to place markers on the model features.
  • Parameters for the specific model (how many fingers, etc)

So we know that it’s possible, but at least this information is required for it to work. Then it re-purposes animations users have submitted that match the typical generated skeletal rig.


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Yes, in Mixamo you need to place these points over a 2D image of the avatar, this is something I wouldn’t mind adding as an UI to generate the weights/skeleton automatically.