How to create my own model that can be animated with AnimationMixer?

Does anyone know how to make a character model that can be used with AnimationMixer? I’d like to make a stick figure (which I will design in Houdini) perform different actions, like running and dancing. In the video below at 4:16, he downloads a zombie model and a skinless model that can dance, then uses AnimationMixer to make the zombie dance. I would like to do the same, but with my own model in place of the zombie.

I was wondering, does anyone know how to design my stick figure so that it will be compatible with an animation downloaded from maximo or similar sites? For example, do I need to make sure it has certain groups, attributes, etc? What I’m getting at is, how does the AnimationMixer know how to supplement my own custom model with a pre-animated model?

Create a humanoid character in blender. Position as t-pose is good.
Export it as fbx
Import it into Mixamo and then you can rig the main joints,

Press next, Mixamo does some magic for a minute, and then you can apply any of its character animations to your model. Export as fbx using the various options.
Load them into Blender, re export models and animations as glB, load into threejs.

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This is an excellent example you didn’t need to make any characters with this example you can use the ready player me model with Mixamo and Blender, The only thing is the guy has used Babylon js but you can also use the same in three.js