Some Mixamo models are broken in animation, others not

Hi guys, so I’m trying the FBXLoader module to import characters from Mixamo. But sometimes some models break when I play their animation – rigging out of whack.

Thing is, when I tried to play them inside three.js editor, they works perfectly.


Broken (default vs in animation):

I know there’s not much to check without a code snippet, but unfortunately I still don’t know the cause (because the animation-playing routines are practically calling .play()). So if anyone experienced this before or have a guess, please let me know.

The models (normal & broken): Models - Google Drive

Here is the skeleton preview of the models on animation. The broken ones (left & right) has strange new bones facing upward for some reason – on idle that bone doesn’t exist. While the normal ones (middle) stays the same.

Also found out that the one with problematic rigging has extra bone to it called mixamorigHips:

Anyone has any idea what to do?