Attracting investments in a game project

Hello everyone,

I’m developing a 3D game. There are a total of three stages of development. All three stages have been completed in terms of development, but only one stage has been presented to the public due to a lack of funds for marketing.

Project stages:

  1. 200 voxel cars presented as interactive NFT tokens on the Tezos blockchain and the platform.
  2. Multiplayer browser game with game modes.
  3. Game level editor with the ability to build custom game levels in single or multiplayer mode.

Project details:

  1. Currently, we have listed 21 out of 200 cars, and we have made initial sales without any marketing expenses.
  2. The multiplayer game mode has already been developed and currently includes one out of three game modes, namely DeathMatch.
  3. The game level editor has already been developed.

Information about the cars (a total of 2000 copies divided into different rarity categories):

  1. Common: 70 cars x 14 = 980 cars
  2. Uncommon: 50 cars x 10 = 500 cars
  3. Rare: 40 cars x 8 = 320 cars
  4. Epic: 30 cars x 6 = 180 cars
  5. Legendary: 20 cars x 1 = 20 cars

Important information: Currently, the listing price is $20, which will gradually increase. Only the Common rarity category is priced at $20, while the others are priced higher. However, without marketing, I cannot raise the prices.


  • If you choose to support my project, your Tezos wallet will be included in every subsequent token we release, specifically in the remaining 180 tokens.
  • We are ready to provide all detailed information about the project, including renders and possibly source files.

We only need one investor willing to invest around $10,000 to $15,000. The profit percentage from each sold token will be discussed separately. The revenue is generated through the sale of cars and later the sale of land for building game levels. If we can sell our work without advertising expenses, I believe it is a promising direction.

Project links: (marketplace): | The largest Digital Art & Collectible marketplace on Tezos

Discord: annetka#4315
Telegram: @v_annetka

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Ready to sell for $5000 and supervise/make any changes and your wishes to the project for free

Reason for sale - payment of credit bills for treatment
Payment method - any cryptocurrency, the bank will simply reject payments to the card and the money will be returned to you back (already checked, but we can check again)

I am attaching renders of some of the cars

You can read more details on the project’s twitter account or ask me in a telegram


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