I am looking for an investor for the game

Hello everyone,

I am currently on the lookout for potential investors interested in joining an exciting venture in the world of NFT gaming. Allow me to introduce my project and its unique features that set it apart from the rest.

The essence of the game revolves around a multiplayer browser-based experience, where players can construct their very own game levels using a map editor, and subsequently engage in thrilling gameplay modes featuring voxel-based vehicles.

Here’s a breakdown of what has already been accomplished:

  1. Prototyped a multiplayer game with a Deathmatch mode.
  2. Implemented a progression system that enhances shooting abilities during gameplay.
  3. Designed 140 voxel-based vehicles out of the planned 200.
  4. Created a map editor that enables the placement of game assets on the terrain.

Now, let’s delve into how the game operates:

  • When a player joins a game level, a separate room is created using Colyseus.js, accommodating over 20 players.
  • Each created game level is stored in a database, along with all the level settings, game assets, and vehicle characteristics.
  • The server acts as an authoritative entity, eliminating the possibility of cheating during gameplay. Players only send their user inputs, while physics simulation occurs globally on the server and locally on each client for client-side prediction. Input buffering and snapshot interpolation are utilized.

Remaining tasks for the project include:

  1. Implementing the web 3 aspect (smart contract integration).
  2. Designing 60 additional voxel-based vehicles.
  3. Network rollback functionality.
  4. Introducing the ability to play as a 3D character, allowing players to explore the map and engage in combat alongside vehicles.

Now, let’s discuss the revenue opportunities within the project:

  1. Sale of NFT vehicles, featuring various levels of rarity.
  2. Selling plots of land for players to construct their own game levels.

If you’re interested in learning more or potentially becoming a part of this exciting endeavor, please feel free to reach out to me on Discord at annetka#4315. I am more than willing to provide further details, answer any questions you may have, and explore potential investment opportunities.

Let’s shape the future of NFT gaming together!

Demo video:
Level editor: Level editor - YouTube
Gameplay: Gameplay - YouTube

next.js, typescript, colyseus, cannon.js and rapier, three.js

Best regards, Annetka


awesome game you have, cheers :slight_smile:

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