Experienced Three.js/WebGL Developer needed for 3D multiplayer MMO


Our startup is looking for a web development company to outsource our prototype.
Project idea: a 3D browser-based multiplayer game

Your startup is going to outsource its minimum viable product? If you don’t mind me asking, what does the startup do, then?


So WhyDungeons, but this time it’s a serious project that will see it’s finish and generate a sustainable revenue :thinking:? We’re in - contact@wtlstudio.com.

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I think your goals are a bit too high. A prototype for something like this would either be pieces of a thing, or it would cost quite a bit. Especially with your 2000+ online requirement.

Maybe think of what’s core to you, and try to scope it around that. A “company” that can develop a great backend for you will probably not have the skills to create the client, and vice versa. If you are looking for a capable game engine for the client-side, pretty much any production-ready engine will do, since you’re not going to be sending information about all 2000+ players to each client all the time.

The degree of “interaction” is an important point as well, moving a rock in the world, or simply being able to click on a rock and have a popup on your screen “it’s a rock” are both interactions, but one is much harder to achieve than the other. If you want a skill system, quests etc. it would probably be a good idea to specify at least that much.

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