Any recommendations for webhosting that will serve custom file types compressed? (glb, gltf)

Does anyone have any recommendations for webhosting that serves custom file types compressed? (e.g. glb, gltf).

I’m looking to avoid having to run Nginx or equivalent on a VPS and make the version updates and security somebody else’s problem :slight_smile:


I personally use heroku or netlify, I’ve found them easy to setup and reliable over the years.


I use, but generally hear good things about Netlify too. Anything with GZip support, really. Unfortunately GitHub Pages does not offer that except for specific file types (not including glTF):

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Thanks for the recommendation Vercel looks like someone read my mind as to what I am after, off to try now!

Yes I’d come across your post when I was searching round for options :slight_smile: it’s a shame as it would be a really easy option otherwise

I really like Vercel’s set up very slick, the glb in my test app aren’t being served compressed though. Did you have to customise anything to get that working? thanks

Hm, it looks like Vercel’s static hosting doesn’t handle this automatically either:

You can use the Node.js runtime (with ExpressJS or just serve) and that should work in Vercel, though.

That’s a shame, it really does seem to be a gap for hosting options, not just glb/gltf but quite often wasm and definitely for dll’s if you are running Blazor apps or equivalent.

Only way I’ve found bar running own server on a VPS is to use S3 bucket, this lets you set appropriate metadata and is respected if served directly and also through their Cloudfront CDN. Cloudfront seems to be unusual in respecting browser requests for compressed content when served in this way.

Turns out gui’s recommendation of netlify is the one to go for, annoyingly I’d misread a support thread as suggesting it had issues so it was one I hadn’t actually set up a trial account on facepalm

glb are brotli compressed by them, as well as wasm and dll, don’t know if that means they will serve any compressible MIME type as expected