How to use GZip compression with .GLB files?

Hello all,
I’m working on a medical project at scene optimization phase.
I used draco compression for scene environment models like clinic and hospital loopy and mesh optimizer for animated characters as advised from this answer (

How to add .gz extension and use that kind of extra compression on my .GLB models?

I noticed that a lot of answers talked about GZIP but no one explains how to use it.

Thank You.

Hello, you can use gltf-transform cli to GZIP your .glb

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Any general-purpose gzip software (like gzip-cli - npm) will also compress GLB files.

If your webserver supports gzip headers correctly (most do, but GitHub Pages notably does not…) then the gzip will be decompressed automatically by the web browser and there’s nothing else you need to do. For some webservers you may need to look up how to configure gzip hosting.