Reducing GLB File Sizes

I know this has been asked before but i cant seem to find something that works for me. Ive tried downloading blender but im unable to load glb files in blender. Ive tried online compression tools like Compress any 3D formats online which breaks the file it doesn’t load after compression.

Currently i have stl files of items. I use this Dualbox: Next-generation Customization Engine to convert it to a glb which i then use modelviewer to show it on my site.

The problem i have now is that some files are simply too large. This one for example the glb file is large 51 MM Jesus Piece Thorn Crown so as you would image it takes a while to load.

I want to make these glb files as small as possible. If theres another file type i can use such as usdz im open to that also.

If you can use a CLI tool, I’d try gltfpack – by default it’ll do a fair bit of merging and compression, and it has options to simplify geometry further too.

RapidCompact is a UI alternative – it’s a paid product but has a free tier:

thanks ill check out both option, i appreciate the quick response.

ive been testing so far i havent been able to get usable files from it. It does work it does compress but quality is too low. My file is 11mb from the site i linked above. I can get file sizes 5- 9mb but model doesn’t look good.

A lot also depends on why the file is large – large textures? lots of triangles? You can get an idea of that from the “inspect” tab here:

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