After I updated the R-116, there was a problem of incorrect color

My previous version is r-111. I don’t know if it’s compatible with Material.vertexColors
This parameter has something to do with it. Now the solid color is right (#FFFFFF,#000000,#ff0000). The other colors are basically wrong. The color I set is “#EFEFEF”, but the color of scene is “#F8F8F8”, I just upgrade it three.js Version of.

Here’s my color change,
I set #E4E4E4 to #F3F3F3;
I set #A8A8A8 to #D4D4D4;
I set #5A5A5A to #A0A0A0;
I set #363636 to #F7F7F7;

Can you please show how you create/configure your renderer?

Can you remove the line renderer.outputEncoding = THREE.sRGBEncoding and see if it helps? WebGLRenderer.outputEncoding was introduced with r112.

OK, thank you so much. I have found many directions for this problem, but because I haven’t changed the renderer, I haven’t paid attention to the renderer. I’ve been looking for material problems