In r152, color set to material is not accurate

Not sure if its a bug or something related to the colorspace management updates introduced recently pre r152.

But i set a hexadecimal color to a MeshStandardMaterial of a simple plane 0x8d471c

But on render, the color converted to #431002, as you can see in the GUI / console logged rgb values.

If i downgrade the Three version to 151 or below, this issue goes away.

Example code sand box here:

Do i have to set the colorspace of the renderer or something to get the exact color set?

Try it like so: fragrant-night-p1ts8g - CodeSandbox

The idea is to not assign an instance of THREE.Color directly to lil-gui since it will extract linear-srgb values from the color object (which breaks your logic). Use a plain color value instead (number, hex string etc.).

BTW: I’ve switched to MeshBasicMaterial to avoid any influence of lights.

Thank you. Will take note!