A link to the documentation at action buttons can be handy

Just to the left of the search button a documentation link (a book icon maybe) that opens the documentation web page can be handy and a good direction. Also a repository link to source code repo, here Github.

We are using a managed version of Discourse that is free for open source projects, and we are pretty limited in changes we can make to the UI. I don’t think we can make that change.

We can, however, add a custom menu bar (full width of screen) above the current top menu, with any links we like, or a custom footer.

I understand. If so we can live without docs button I guess. No need to have an extra tab bar before the main content area IMHO. I actually find it more important that the content is more readily available rather than many control elements like stacked tab bars. The current state of the forum is very useful to be clear. I was just trying to contribute some little details.

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By the way, additionally, a code link with github or code icon at same section would be great too. But anyways.
Are we sure we cannot do this with this edition of Discourse as you have mentioned above earlier?

I vote to not overload the navigation of the forum but keep it simple. It’s actually not hard to find the project at github.

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I agree. But somehow it is the direct link to the source and docs that makes things simpler. In the sense the threejs source is all what we are talking about here.

In any case, it’s not possible. I don’t like the idea of adding a top bar either. Thanks for the suggestion though, it’s good to have a fresh pair of eyes looking things over :slight_smile: