Editor: UI enhancements

Hello @mrdoob and others,

I wanted to apologize if my comment in this issue hurted you somehow. It was not my intention, in fact, it was more an hidden compliment about the great job you did creating this marvelous library…

I realized also that an issue is not a good place for this kind of discussion, but I didn’t know the existence of this discourse…

May I open discussion here about editor? (After the reading of related topics of course)

I’m an intensive user of the editor for personal projects, and also a UX designer so I may want to participate to the editor (since I’m not able to help on core webGL stuff).

Thx btw for the awesomeness that three.js is!

Yep, you should be sorry - basically mrdoob and mugen87 after you criticisied UI.js and configs:

Hope you proud of yourself.

But seriously, I feel the issue on Github and opening a discussion on UI were ok, but you just diverted into random stuff a bit:

  1. React and Angular aren’t UI libraries.
  2. Editor doesn’t use ui.js, but a custom version kept in three.js repo.
  3. As Mugen said - simple configs are beautiful configs, making them complex just for sake of complexity is counterproductive.
  4. Instead of refactoring the entire UI we can just add the requested features to the current UI - why rewrite the entire thing, if it may be possible to just append new stuff?

I think it could be a good idea to repost them here and start discussion on the points/requests you made on Github (here) and see which may be useful and how to add them to ui.js.


Thx for the reply

Mmkey, btw I was saying to not use that… for simplicity also!

Yep! I also said I didn’t figure out at 1st glance the diff between the 2 repos… The one the latest is the one that’s interesting me, whatever where to pull updates!

It’s not just for sake of complexity, of course, but in contrary to facilitate the update and maintenance!
Having a 1 big file with everything in it is more error prone with git and eventually several people working on it at the same time.
On the other hand, splitting this into separated files (1 for each class by ex) makes easier contrib, imho.
This is why I suggested to cook that in the separated UI.js repo and not in three.js editor’s libs folder…
Btw it was only a suggestion and an offer to manage it myself, not a “please do that” request!

Another point is that finally I’m already trying some additions to editor, but this UI.js way of coding stuff is way too much lines of code or to write a class for each Object3D or not easily extendable/dynamically updatable…
We may need to improve UI.js this much that finally (for sake of simplicity) I suggested to use another one. Especially if the independent UI.js repo is not intended to evolve (I mean by itself, outside of three.js as a standalone UI lib for other projects).

This being said, I’m totally OK to keep UI.js and make it evolve a bit, that’s why I spoke about doing that in the external repo to enable UI.js to be used as a 1st class standalone UI lib… And then imported back as a 1 file in three.js editor, keeping it simple…

Yes… But it might be not possible to add every improvements as is, sadly :frowning: