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Is there a ThreeJs Editor version for angular?

You mean a three.js scene editor developed with angular? AFAIK no. The official editor is developed without a library like React, Angular or Vue.


Thanks @Mugen87, I looked around and I didn’t find it but I just wanted a confirm.

Hello @Mugen87 can we create three.js editor using Angular.
As I have used three.js to render a pcd file but have to give user an option to add plane and change plane cordinates.
Waiting for your kind response

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@Shubham_Dave I’m not @Mugen87 , but I don’t have any objections. If you want to make an editor in Angular, I think you should go ahead. It might be a fun project for you, and it might be something that fits your use-cases better.

There will probably be people who will benefit from such an editor too, so you’d be helping out others as well!

@Usnul thanks for your reply.
I have started doing it but the ts file extension is not supporting directly the js file which i have set from three.js.
Can you please help me i am kind of stuck how to add editor.js and config.js in angular.

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