Link to manual on home page?

I think it would be nice to link to three.js manual on the home page. F.e. under the “Learn” section. I can create a PR if desired.


Shame on me, I have never seen this page before.

For some reasons, it’s called “Fundamentals” on the home page, and it’s under the “Resources” section.


I’ve been using it for the last month, and it’s indeed pretty helpful.

If some work was to be done about putting it to a more spottable … spot. It could be merged with the documentation and then having the separation between ‘documentation’ and ‘reference’. It would be an approach that developers are used to.

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Pretty nice huh!

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Ah, I missed it! I feel like this is a primary part of Three.js website, not like some external “resource”. Glad there’s a link!