Does anyone else find the docs search function to be poor?

I think the documentation is pretty poor, it doesn’t seem to cover a lot of things. Simple things like e.g. any sort of interaction will need the Event object, and theres no API Reference for that:

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If you’d propose ways to improve, and commit yourself to volunteer, then you’d probably get some support.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to go fishing for support in complaining.Especially when it’s a project that’s FREE for you to use.

Ah, yeah, no, you’re right about that but its a bit catch 22- as a beginner, if there’s not much to read and learn from then it’s pretty tough. At the moment, if you don’t have prior knowledge from other e.g. game engines then doing anything beyond the basic mesh rendering will be near impossible imo.

This site is not about teaching how to do 3D-computer graphics. Knowledge of the basics is expected.

There are many sources besides docs. Use them! :sun_with_face:

Search the forum.

📕 three.js Bookshelf
Collection of examples from
three.js manual

… and so on. :slightly_smiling_face:


the search function is poor, i mostly miss that i cannot search for content, just captions. but in your case, three doesn’t have events, or what you’d most likely refer as such, there’s nothing to document. that class is just a dispatcher, the code snippet there kind of tells it all.

if you don’t have prior knowledge from other e.g. game engines then doing anything beyond the basic mesh rendering will be near impossible imo.

additionally to the resources already mentioned, try to use three with react. you can, as a beginner, do things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do in probably a long time if ever. the reason for that is that it gives three an eco system, so all the hard parts you’d otherwise have to struggle with are already solved and shared by somebody else. that is your fastest and easiest route. it has a real event system as well.

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I was annoyed by the same problem in the examples department, and after a bit of drama we now can search them by additional keywords. Same thing could be added to docs, I guess.

not entirely true, there are added/removed events in Object3D, also some events in WebGLRenderer

yep, he mentioned interaction events. click, hover, drag, etc. i think can see how that might be a little confusing if you expect these to work, search docs and you find a mysterious event dispatcher. some things just aren’t so obvious.

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I know the basics, and I am using React, Fiber, Drei etc. It’s nice to get that declarative speed. Docs seem to be lacking everywhere tbh.

Thank you for those resources, the examples will hopefully be helpful, I will also try to find some books and see if they are suitable for me. So many communities seem to be split between here, StackOverflow, and Discord.

i get by with having three docs open all the time, i always install @types/three for IDE hover types, and then mostly scraps and demos i see other people do. even with all the basic stuff you have available and simple shapes you can do amazing things. tbh imginative stuff like this can very much look better than crazy shader wizardry. i guess what i’m trying to say is, webgl is a wide space, start small, pick your pace, enjoy, and fill your bag of tricks.

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There are already a few proposals to add better search to the docs.

There hasn’t been any progress on these for a couple of years though.

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