A Fully-fledged Texture Painter for the web

Live demo: https://brushhh.blogspot.com/



Nice! It’s very fun :slight_smile:

Is it open source?
Do you plan to add glTF support?

It is not open source yet.
Yes, glTF support would be good.

Great idea!

Bitdefender blocks your site

Awesome work!

A few bits I found when playing around:

  • It’s very hard to set a specific size of texture. When you go to Settings and try to write, for example, 2048 as texture size, it jump to another tab (I guess numbers are assigned to changing tabs?)
  • Changing texture size resets it instead of rescaling :frowning:
  • When using tablet + pen, movements are much faster than using mouse. It results in a lot of spaces in-between painted “dots”. Imo, it’d be better if instead of painting a circle on mouse move, you’d paint a line from last mouse position to the current one:

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 16.50.06

  • Would be great if you could also paint PBR features on the texture - that could then become an actual tools to use in projects!

That is weird, no idea why that is happening. I just bundled up all the code in a html file and put it as blogger’s theme. I did the same on this one too https://glb-viewer.blogspot.com/ Is this too getting blocked? I should probably put it somewhere else.

  • Yeah, some number keys are attached to tabs, I will fix it soon.
  • Will re-scaling be a good idea? What if the user scales down the texture and then scales it up?
  • Yes, the spaces between the strokes is a problem. I will fix it soon too.
  • I am not that much familiar with PBR, but will look into it and see what I can do.

Thanks for an awesome feedback :slight_smile:

No that’s not blocked, in the logs of Bitdefender i got:

We blocked this dangerous page for your protection:
Threat name: JS:Trojan.Cryxos.2892

Wait what?! Why does my avast show nothing about it? I am not familiar much with these stuff, but how could it be infected when blogger only provides a text box for pasting the html code?

It’s probably just the blogspot domain, the cookie consent script or another reason to cause a false positive, you can request your site from being unblocked here for those using Bitdefender.

Edit: it’s probably ads which are blocked though generally for me, these can be sometimes these “You’ve won X” kind of forced redirects.

It is fantastic, params controls are excellent. I do not know how did you achieve that. How did you calculate pixel color to the current triangle?

Random find:
Demo: https://codepen.io/Jeremboo/full/qqabKY/

Very good but no open source :slight_smile:

@sciecode weren’t you working on something like this as well? Did you finish it?

Yeah, I was working on a texture painter idea, but I never got to finish it. I ended up stalling the project to work on other more pressing things, like EXRLoader and PMREMGenerator.

But I did share the progress I’ve made with @Click_Clock_Boom. Not sure if he used any of my ideas though.


Yeah, I did use some of your ideas.

I already posted them here if someone is looking: Paint color and images on 3d model


@Click_Clock_Boom did you ever make this open source?

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nope. it isn’t open source.