Inkblot Design Company Proof of Work Showcase

Hey Forum!
The Inkblot Design team is super proud to showcase our new website which uses three.js to showcase some of our latest projects!

We loaded a GLTF model and switch textures on the model itself based on various actions that the user takes on the website. The GLTF model also reacts to the user’s cursor on PC by using raycasting and we even loaded an hdr texture environment to show the sun reflecting off the mobile device!!

Looking forward to receiving any feedback you might have on improvements and/or feature suggestions!

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It looks nice and stylish. I like the minimalistic style.

However, as you requested for any comments, here they are:

  • Although Cape Town is pretty famous, it might be good to add country at your contact info (PS. After googlestreeting your Cape Town location, I liked the guy in the pizza store at the intersection with Kloof str)

  • When scrolling from the front page, the 3D smartphone moves to the right → on my machine this is done with small abrupt steps (as if it is 10fps), instead of smooth gliding. Maybe this is intended effect?

  • If you want to access European customers, you might need to adhere to the cookies consent craziness

  • In the portfolio page the panels in left column overlap vertically:

  • In the team page, I’m curious why only Skyla’s description ends with exclamation mark, all others are just full-stopped.

  • The services page may need slight error-proofing, e.g. “create an beautiful”

  • The site map is showing raw XML (maybe the link to the site map is wrong):

  • When viewing the site with mobile simulators, the visuals are not good. Here are a few snapshots:

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Thank you so much for this incredible feedback @PavelBoytchev!!

This is exactly the type of user feedback that we are looking for in order to improve the experience of the users that visit our website!

I have also noticed the jagged movements of the phone… I think the FPS does drop with the move. Might need to remove some poly’s on the mobile device to make the file smaller and more optimised.

Our biggest challenge is definitely the mobile layout - especially with the snap scroll that we are using. I am considering getting rid of the snap scroll on mobile.

Thank you once again for the amazing feedback! I really appreciate it.

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