3D Life Visualization Project

Hey Three.js folks!

Just wanted to drop in and share a personal project I’ve been tinkering with – it’s a web app called LifeInWeeks.net. It’s basically a visual representation of your life in 3D. You pop in your birth date, and it shows your life in weeks, with past weeks and future ones in different colors.

I’ve had a blast combining Three.js with react-springs for some cool animations. It’s not just about the tech though; I wanted to make something that reminds us to appreciate every moment. The app even throws in some uplifting facts about historical figures achieving great things at different ages – kind of a ‘never too late’ message.

Would really love to get your feedback on this. Any thoughts or suggestions would be super appreciated. And of course, if you’re curious, give it a whirl and see what your life looks like in 3D!



It should go back past 1960
It needs a next button for speed readers

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The ratio of past weeks and future weeks of my life makes me sad.

there was a lecture about how many lightbulbs of energy a person consumes in a day overhead in this type of info graphic. I did not make it through the whole demo, but would neat to add

I will add it! Thanks.

I am sorry to hear that, actually the purpose is to motivate and reassure regarding the future :heart:

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