Z-order for multiple meshes with respective outlines meshes


I have many polygon meshes constructed from xyz positions inserted in a BufferGeometry.
Then from this mesh, I construct outlines for these meshes as LineSegments drawn from another BufferGeometry.

When we have multiple pairs of mesh + outlines, is there a way to force all outlines to be at the front of their respective meshes, without outlines at the back being at the front (and hiding meshes at the front)?

What was/wasn’t tested:

  • renderOrder didn’t seem to affect the depth position.
  • Disabling the depth test will actually put outlines at the back at the front of the camera & hide meshes at the front.
  • I haven’t used Outline Pass post-processing to draw outlines as I’m not sure how to modify my rendering loop as of now (it’s based on another project).

Is having two scenes (one for meshes and another for outlines) going to fix my problem? I tested it on this js-fiddle and it didn’t seem to work as expected.

You can see on the screenshot below that many outlines are missing: