Z-index of same meshes with different material

I have to put same mesh with 2 material.
I used below material for 2nd mesh. my main motto is to compare models with other same model with minor changes.

new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial({
              vertexColors: false, transparent: true,
               precision:"highp",opacity: 0.45,
                polygonOffset: true, polygonOffsetFactor: -10,polygonOffsetUnits:-4 ,
                side: THREE.FrontSide, color: new THREE.Color('rgb(0, 0, 110)')

It works fine. but when I zoom in weird result came

You can remove this bit since it likely has not effect on your issue. Try adding depthWrite: false to your configuration instead.

Start with - 1 for polygonOffsetFactor and 1 for polygonOffsetUnits.

Without a debugging option, it’s hard to further investigate the issue. Try to replicate the glitch with a live example.