Wrong objects orientation when play animation from fbx

Hi 2 all!
When importing a fbx-file in threejs encountered a problem with incorrect orientation of some models with animation.
test_ori_003.fbx (2.8 MB)

If i import fbx-file back in blender everything seems ok

In Autodesk FBX review animation correct

How to correct objects orientation with animation?

I solved the problem, I’ll leave the information for history, suddenly it will be useful to someone =)
The problem was that to hide the object, I used the animation action of changing the object scale from 1 to 0 in Blender, but this led to a problem - in addition to the scale in the fbx-file an animation of the change in the orientation of the object was also recorded, where the “twisting” of the Euler angles occurred, for example, from x=90 and y=-90 z=0 to x=0 and y=0 z=180.
I fixed the animation in Blender - changed the scale change from 1 to 0.000001 and the problem is gone!