Wrong orientation when play animation

I use fbx-loader to load my fbx file, which has an bone animation, when the file init loaded in scene, it looks good, but when I play the animation use action.reset(); action.play() , the animation’s orientation is changed to a wrong direction, when the animation finished, the orientation becomes normal.
I have inspected , It played well in 3DX MAX.
So any advice you smart guys can give me ?
some tips for me to locate the issue point?

Can you share the model, and a complete code sample that illustrates the problem?

updateAnimation(dt) {
    if (this.mixers.length > 0) {

        for (var i = 0; i < this.mixers.length; i++) {


clipAnimation(bLoopRepeat) {
    this.meshObj.mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer(this.meshObj);

    for(var i=0; i< this.meshObj.children.length; ++i) {
        if(this.meshObj.children[i] instanceof THREE.SkinnedMesh) {
            this.meshObj.children[i].material.skinning = true;

    this.action = this.meshObj.mixer.clipAction(this.meshObj.animations[0]);
    var loop = bLoopRepeat ? THREE.LoopRepeat : THREE.LoopOnce;

stopAnimation() {

playAnimation() {

pauseAnimation() {
    this.action.paused = true;

This the code I used to play animation, I could share the fbx file for some reason. I also tried use the same fbx file in babylon.js, it works fine.

Find the problem.
“The root bone do not need animation”, this is my colleague’s suggest.
PS. I don’t know why unity, 3ds max and babylon they all handle this saturation well, maybe this is a corner case which fbxloader doesn’t handle well. @looeee

@Liu_Hao I really couldn’t say without taking a look at the FBX file.