Will WebAR work on Threejs experiences embedded to a native Android app?

Good Day,

We are exploring to build a modular application for Android platforms,
The application is mainly WebAR focused, So we would like to know whether the following process is feasible,

  1. Create and host a Threejs based WebAR application using Vanilla JS
  2. Create a Native android app using Java (Using Android Studio)
  3. Creating a WebView in the Native android app
  4. Attach the hosted Threejs application in the WebView

Now, Will the WebAR functionality of threejs still work from the Native Android application?
Or is ReactThreeFiber the only way to build Native applications with Threejs to use WebAR functionality?

unfortunaly says big NO under WebView Android. Personally I thing there are changes that Google will add it before your app gets shipped because Chrome already has it.

Btw you don’ have to code the native app yourself, there are solutions like Capacitor, but that’s a different story.

So, I used capacitor to create the native app, The only problem is WebXR is not supported in the resultant application.

I want to know if we can build WebXR experiences with React-Three-Fiber using React Native, Is React-Three-Fiber same as Babylon Native which is providing their own React-Native packages and Github repo sample that illustrates React Native directly without going to ReactJS.