WebXR (Three.js / WebGL/ React 3 Fiber) Dev Needed for Project

Groove Jones, a world-renowned and award-winning studio specializing in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Interactive Entertainment technologies, is currently seeking a person to take on the role of Web XR Developer The ideal candidate will have a helpful, proactive, and supportive work ethic. You will get to experience the latest cutting-edge technologies and work with exciting clients. This is a contract role - Remote or Local

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Determining the proper technology and designing the best way to execute web-based AR/VR projects to meet client needs
  • Understanding latest libraries such as React3Fiber, React.js, three.js and webGL to build visually stunning AR experiences
  • May also develop web-based AR experiences using 1 or more AR libraries like Zappar, 8th Wall, DeepAR, or other entrants
  • Optimizing AR/VR experience for maximum speed and scalability
  • Implement and help design optimal user flow for AR use from a webpage
  • Ensuring the AR design is optimized for multiple browsers and mobile devices
  • Building reusable code for future use.
  • The ability to design web landing pages to launch AR is a plus


  • 3-5 years experience in JavaScript

  • 3+ years React 3 Fiber, React.js, three.js or WebGL knowledge

  • Previous web front-end development experience (include examples if possible)

  • Experience working with a technical/developer team- Past experience working in AR/VR space

  • Bonus: Experience deploying a web AR campaign. Please include a link for reference!


About Groove Jones Culture

Groove Jones is more than just a creative and technology studio. Founded in 2015, Groove Jones is an award-winning studio where accomplished artists and engineers leverage preeminent technology to produce extraordinary creative solutions. If you want to be part of a team whose work is talked about, recognized by their industry peers, and wins awards then this is your place.

Throughout our history, we have maintained the singular vision to inspire, engage and entertain by bringing imagination to life. This compels us to push the boundaries of ingenuity while valuing a reliable production process geared toward creative thinking and innovation.

Our 15,000 square foot studio is located near the heart of Dallas’ cultural and music-centric district, Deep Ellum and the Art Deco inspired Fair Park. People love our home. If you walk the halls of our office you will find both dogs and cats, living together in harmony. We are a single interdisciplinary team of artists, technologists, industrial designers, brand strategists, graphic designers, usability experts, interior designers, content creators, engineers, fabricators, and project managers. Our fridge is stocked with premium drinks and our kitchen always has a changing stock of snacks and sweets for everyone to enjoy.

For more information visit - www.groovejones.com


Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the majority of our team are working remotely. We have accommodated our office in line with social distancing best practices and have a process in place should any of the team have a need to work from the office.


We are an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

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Hello, @Emily_GrooveJones
How are you?
As an experienced 3D web developer and WebXR expert I would like to discuss with you in more detail to know how I can contribute in your development team.
I have been working as 3D game developer, 3D web developer, and 3D WebXR expert in my previous companies and agency teams and I think this will be the huge help in my work at your company in the future. As you know, WebXR needs very widely scope experience in 3D fields such as 3D graphics design and 3D web development.
What I want to say is, I’m specialized in Blender and WebXR.tools as well as Three.js and React three / fiber, so I’m very confident to contribute to the successful business of your company constantly.
Also I’m a passionate who can learn the modern trends of the 3D development very fast and I have a good communication skills to collaborate with teammates successfully.
I’m sure I will create something new in 3D fields to get a success constantly for the business of your team. I look forward to further discussion.
My contact info:


Gmail: crazypassion218@gmail.com
Discord: rob3dking


Thanks for reaching out! If you can email me your resume and portfolio link, I will share them with the team. Please send to careers@groovejones.com

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As a professional 3D Website Developer with 8+ years of experience in Three.js/ React-three-fiber, I am interested in this job position, so I would like to work with you.
In the past , I have worked as a full stack 3D developer (three.js /webGL developer) in several IT companies as a part of the development team and during that time, I have developed several 3D web applications like 3D Virtual Tour , 3D Interactive WebSites, 3D Metaverse using WebGL/ Three.js, so I’m confident in such projects.
Please check my portfolio and previous projects.


My main 3D skills are creating 3D interactive animations, 3D Product Configurator, 3D web games and other 3d web apps using Three.js ,R3F, Next.js and Vue.js.
Regarding my previous employment references, if you want, I 'm willing to provide you with the information you need to validate my work history and skills on private chat.
I hope that you’ll find my experience, interests, and character intriguing enough to warrant a face-to-face meeting. I am confident that I could provide value to you and your customers as a member of your team.
I promise to keep good communication and high quality work, instant update.
I would like to discuss further, I am ready to start working right now.
Thank you .
Best regards

Thanks. I will send email.

Im not home now but i will like to send my resume and portfolio as soon as i get home if the offer is still available

I see that you are looking for an expert in threejs Developer for your app. That sounds really interesting and feasible to me. I can surely help you with that and I’m ready to start right away. I’ve added my previous project’s URLs for you to get a better understanding of my capabilities and past work. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdBJ-aGzYmxNcsaBFCkBDwQ I’m available and ready to start immediately, and I’d appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Thanks!

Hello Emily.

With a strong 7 years of background in JavaScript, React3Fiber, React.js, and three.js, along with extensive experience in web front-end development and a proven track record in the AR/VR space, I believe I possess the skills and expertise necessary to contribute significantly to your team.

In my previous roles, I have successfully executed web-based AR/VR projects, demonstrating my ability to determine the best technologies and design approaches to meet client needs. My proficiency in utilizing libraries such as React3Fiber, React.js, three.js, and webGL has enabled me to create visually stunning AR experiences. I am well-versed in working with AR libraries like Zappar, 8th Wall, and DeepAR, and I am confident in optimizing AR/VR experiences for speed and scalability.

One of my key strengths lies in my 7 years of experience in JavaScript, which has equipped me with the skills to build reusable code and ensure optimal user flow for AR use from a webpage. Additionally, I have a keen eye for design and have successfully developed web landing pages to launch AR experiences, showcasing my commitment to creating seamless and engaging user interfaces.

Having worked collaboratively in technical teams, I have honed my ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. My past experiences include deploying web AR campaigns, and I am excited about the prospect of bringing my unique skills and insights to Groove Jones.

I am impressed by Groove Jones’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of ingenuity and maintaining a reliable production process geared toward creative thinking and innovation. Your studio’s culture and values resonate with me, and I am eager to contribute to a team that produces extraordinary creative solutions.

Enclosed is my portfolio, which highlights some of my most significant projects and achievements: https://cryptosmiler.vercel.app

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the opportunity to bring my skills and passion for AR/VR development to Groove Jones and contribute to the continued success of your award-winning studio.

I look forward to the possibility of discussing how my skills align with the needs of your team in more detail. Please contact me via zhijiwang0@gmail.com

ZhiJi Wang

Hi Emily,
I am a highly skilled three.js and react developer.
Here is my previous WebAR project that I built using React and three.js

If you are interested in working with me, feel free to contact me via:
Discord: neway614
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @bestee230

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