Looking for a mid-level three.js developer with AR experience

Hi everyone,

I’m the founder of an AR agency in Europe (Belgium/Antwerp) - (https://www.playar.studio) - where we build immersive experiences for global brands on Snapchat, Instagram and… WebAR.

Until now we used to work with freelancers for the WebAR part but we want to make a larger footprint in the space and are now looking for someone interested in joining our company full time. A passionate individual with a vision and the drive to help us create awesome projects is what we look for. The ideal candidate would be able to come to the office at least 2 days a week, but remote talent can certainly apply if they would be a perfect fit!

Most of what we do involve the use of 8thWall / Zappar on the backend so the candidate absolutely needs experience with this, or with using three.js integrated with other AR platforms. We prefer someone who also knows his way around 3D and shaders.

An added plus for those who are not shy of helping out on some of our Snap / Instagram projects that need additional coding from time to time

Is this you? Then send me a PM if you are interested, or email bruno@playar.studio

Many thanks


I’m 3d designer and threejs developer.
I think the position matches my profile
I have done many projects with threejs and JavaScript using shader in some of them
I also made this 3d configurator with AR option
please contact me to discuss via
telegram @Mejdikazdarlli

I’m Jelson and have experience in AR app development using 8thwall or webAR.
I added my portfolio URL: https://devsolution888.wixsite.com/info/blog

I am a three.js developer and have experience with AR.
Please contract me.
Telegram: @mydeto
Email: james.lee.intelligent@gmail.com
Discord: James Lee#4222

Hi there. For 5 years I have made many website using three.js and react three fiber.
If you connect me, I can show my working. I have many experiences about loading 3D file, mapping, light effect, mousedrag event, modeling, mobile app using three.js etc. I have a deep passion for project and guarantee good quality.
Good regards.
My Discord : BLUEOCEAN#7335

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