Need Front End Engineers for advanced end-to-end webXR engine


I am the COO of Ethereal Engine. We are the creators of the most advanced web-based engine. Our engine takes immersive content creators from design to development, and deployment of their content. We have recently raised funds and are looking for talented engineer passionate about the future of webXR to help us build the future of the web.

Frontend Engineer, you will bring extensive experience in developing immersive applications on the web to lead our frontend infrastructure. You should be proficient in TypeScript, React, three.js, react-three-fiber, WebXR, WebGL, and/or WebGPU, with a strong understanding of modern web development principles. Your knowledge of web animations, 3D graphics, and visual effects will be vital to create captivating user experiences.

We are a growing team working on some of the hardest problems in web technology. If you want to solve hard problems and help define the standards that will run the 3D web, please let me know.

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Hello, Mr Rowell.
How are you?
As an experienced 3D web developer and WebXR expert I would like to discuss with you in more detail to know how I can contribute in your development team.
I have been working as 3D game developer, 3D web developer, and 3D WebXR expert in my previous companies and agency teams and I think this will be the huge help in my work at your company in the future. As you mentioned, WebXR needs very widely scope experience in 3D fields such as 3D graphics design and 3D web development.
What I want to say is, I’m specialized in Blender and as well as Three.js and React three fiber, so I’m very confident to contribute to the successful business of your company constantly.
Also I’m a passionate who can learn the modern trends of the 3D development very fast and I have a good communication skills to collaborate with teammates successfully.
I’m sure I will create something new in 3D fields to get a success constantly for the business of your team. I look forward to further discussion.
Thanks in advance.
My contact info:


Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Hey, Griffin Rowell. Thanks for posting the role, and I’d like to learn more details about that position.
I have 9+ years of WebGL experience in using different kind of webgl frameworks (three.js, babylon.js, pixi.js), and have been using RTF (react + threejs) and troisjs (vue + threejs) for the last 5 years.
I’ve made great contribution to the development of 3D web (open source) packages and really enjoy creating photo-realistic visual effects using GLSL shaders. Appreciated if you post the full job description or the link for the application. (

I m a senior 3d developer with 8 years experiences using threejs , webgl , canvas 3d games , WebXR , VR , AR.

I was interested in your company job .
I would like to discuss more details
thank you


As a three.js engineer, I am intereseted in your project and I can help you.

I have good experience in TypeScript, React, three.js, react-three-fiber, WebXR, WebGL.

Here is my portfolio website.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Thank you, this looks really great. Could you please message me on linkedin with your resume?

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