At the current stage, Does Threejs on Flutter support WebAR?

Good Day,

I am thinking to learn Flutter and Integrate threejs based experiences in to the Flutter app.
Since I mainly work with Augmented reality applications, I want to know does the current Threejs release support WebAR with Flutter (Similar to how its supported in React-Three-Fiber).


The question is whether or not the device supports WebXR and if your development environment allows access to the API.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how this works with Flutter. You might want to ask this question at the Flutter community.

How are you using three.js with Flutter?

Are you using this rewrite?

If so, maybe the best place to ask is on the repo for that library.

@Mugen87 , I agree to your point, The Flutter community might have the answers.

@looeee , I am completely new to Flutter, In-fact I am thinking to start learning Flutter (transitioning from JS) with the goal to integrate Threejs and its WebAR functionalities. Do you know whether this three_dart support all the APIs that threejs offers, Including WebAR API?

Let me know, Thanks

I have no idea, sorry. You should ask this on a Flutter forum.