Looking for something similar to threejs but in android and/or ios

Hi forum,

I would like to know your opinion about similar technologies to threejs but in the mobile native world (android and ios).

I’m asking this because using a webapp or some kind of an embedded web viewer inside an app is something I’m restricted to.

Hope somebody with experience in the native world can point me in the right direction


react-three-fiber can be native. you’ll write the exact same threejs code that you would otherwise write on the web, but on ios/android it will render towards native openGLES instead of relying on a webview and webgl. https://twitter.com/Cody_J_Bennett/status/1447879016715857922 it also supports interaction ootb, swipes, press, and so on. everything else is very different from three and its eco system: unity, etc.

thanks @drcmda for suggesting react-three-fiber I’ll try it out and see how it plays with the requirements