Why the same object appears different in three and unity with all the same params?

left is unity, and right is in threejs editor version 160.
all params are the same,
same ambientlight
same meshstandardmaterial, color #ffffff;
same geometry
all the same
but color differs?
why is that?

Material and light implementations differ from engine to engine so you can’t expect 1:1 matches.


Interesting to me that an ambient light would show different colors on different faces in Unity… are you sure there are no other default lights in the scene or something?

Ambient light by definition is supposed to illuminate all objects/faces equally. It’s directionless…

Also note that Unity offers both ‘gamma’ and ‘linear’ workflows. ‘Linear’ would be similar to what three.js does by default in r152+. ‘Gamma’ (this is a confusing use of the term, but oh well…) would be similar to “opting out” of those changes as described in the color management announcement.