Achieve Lambert light model in three.js same as Unity lambert light model

Is it possible to achieve lambert light model in three.js like what it is in Unity ?
I want colors (+ shadows) look same in both three.js and Unity. I don’t know it is normal or not but shadows are too dark.

For instance:

In three.js by MeshLambertMaterial:

In Unity by Standard shader:

Try adding an ambient light or a hemisphere light.


I added ambient light (There is a directional light too). But I can’t achieve same colors like Unity. How should I choose ambient light color and intensity ?
BTW that very dark shadow is solve by adding ambient light.

Trying to get identical lighting in two engines is likely to take a lot of manual tuning, I doubt there are any settings that will just automatically get you there for all model and lighting setups.

That said, enabling renderer.physicallyCorrectLights = true will probably get you closer, if light attenuation is important.