Find rule for matching material between three.js and Unity

I’d like to know how to convert the material from three.js to unity.
Currently, I am using MeshBasicMaterial, MeshStandardMaterial, MeshLambertMaterial, MeshPhongMaterial, ShadowMaterial.
In unity, how can make similarly with them.
Please explain me a way for matching material between three.js and unity.
I use Unity 2018.3.3f1.

You will probably have better luck asking this question in the Unity forums. Each threejs material represents a shading model that may (or may not) exist in other engines. For example:

  • MeshBasicMaterial: A shadeless, unlit, or constant shading model.
  • MeshStandardMaterial: A metal/rough PBR shading model.
  • MeshPhongMaterial: A Blinn-Phong shading model.
  • MeshLambertMaterial: A Lambert shading model, with per-vertex lighting.
  • ShadowMaterial: … I have no idea if this concept exists in other tools.

A Unity developer would know what those shading models are, even if they know nothing about threejs. The three.js documentation describes these in more detail. How to create them all in Unity, I have no idea. Good luck!