Why is the sprite not shown?

I want to have a simple 2D setup where my world units are given in pixels and the origin is top-left increasing towards bottom-right.

So far so good I guess but I can’t get a Sprite to show up. I’m loading a texture from imgur which is apparently loaded when I have a look into the console but it’s not drawn. As I’m completely new to three.js I don’t really know what might be wrong.

So it’d be nice if someone might have a look at the codepen over here and help me out: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/gNMQzQ
It was derived from another existing codepen using a PerspectiveCamera and I changed this first to use an OrthographicCamera as I’ve had my difficulties with that already before.

What I need from three.js is basically just Sprites and Raycasting. Raycasting does work on Sprites yes?