Cannot view Sprite object in the scene with OrthographicCamera


I’m following an example in here.

In my case, I want to replace the camera type from PerspectiveCamera to OrthographicCamera.
But when switching to OrthographicCamera, nothing (the body, head and label) shows up.

In my code:

  • if the camera is set to PerspectiveCamera (doUsePerspectiveCamera = true - see code here) everything works as expected (I can see the blue sprite with the label Purple People Eater on top of the person’s head)

  • if the camera is set to OrthographicCamera (doUsePerspectiveCamera = false - see code here) the objects and the labels don’t show up!

Why, when using OrthographicCamera, the objects and the labels don’t show up?
Also, using Chrome devtools, is there an attribute where I can see the sprite texture, for example in some nested attribute in ?


It seems your questions was already answered at stackoverflow:

Hi. It seems that the answer was removed from stackoverflow. Can who read the post explain?

Copy here the deleted answer.

The problem was with the scale. I changed the width, and height from 1000 to 10 (this changes the left,right,top,bottom planes of the Camera frustum). After the change I could see the bodies, heads and labels as expected.

Bravo sir. This renders the sprites, but…
Do you know why the two cameras have such a different way of rendering the sprite? What is the sprite scale relative to?. If I was to switch cameras how would I know how much do I have to multiply or divide the current scale?