Left view of scene using Orthographic camera

I want to have a left-view of scene using orthographic camera. PFA screenshots

First Screenshot: Normal view with Perspective camera

Second Screenshot: After selecting the Left view, the grid and text on it are behaving unexpectedly

Third Screenshot: After clicking on the screen the desired output is coming

I want the output in the third screenshot directly after selecting the Left View option, I have used updateProjectionMatrix() method as well for updating the camera, but still I’m getting this.

maybe your ortho camera is clipping.
check the position of your ortho camera,
its lookat
its frustrum
and near and far planes

Ok, I’ll try, thanks

this.cameraOrtho = new THREE.OrthographicCamera(- 200* window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight, 200 * window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight, 200, - 200, 0.01, 30000);

For left side view I am setting position of camera as (-300,0,0), also I am calling updateProjectionMatrix() after changing current camera from Perspective to Orthographic.

what happens if you make your material double sided

material.side = THREE.DoubleSide

Same result, when I am clicking on the canvas of second screenshot then I am getting the desired output (third screenshot), unable to understand why that is happening

I don’t know why it is happening either.
You may need to create an online example somewhere that reproduces the problem.
I’ve never had this problem.
See my orthographic example : https://sbcode.net/threejs/scene-camera-renderer/#final-code