Sprite rendering behind another sprite for ortho camera

I have a sprite of background, in starting of the game the lines are rendering above the background i.e. infront of the sprite and lines are visible as am using z index as well as render order for rendering the line above image. Its working fine for this.
FYI: Am using orthographic camera with z=50 and far value= 100
But the problem arises when i reset the game, using my reset function, these sprite’s then renders above the lines.
So for this it is not working.
Also am keeping everything separate, The background images are in camera group, the lines are in different group, the camera is also in camera group.
Am setting the renderOrder for cameragroup, backgroundgroup and for the curveLines group. But its not working.

Can someone help with this issue?

Before -

After -

Can you try setting only .renderOrder on the sprites themselves?

So the behind sprite should be like renderOrder = 0 and the overlay sprites=renderOrder=1 or so…

I’m guessing also those sprites are using .transparent on their material? Objects with a transparent material are sorted back to front to render in the correct order, but in the case of a sprite, they are sorted by the distance of the sprite.position to the camera… so
if all your sprites have the same distance, the sorting order may be ambiguous.

The semantics on .renderOrder aren’t super clear to me… but it wouldn’t surprise me if renderOrder needs to be set on the node itself, rather than some parent group.

Maybe renderOrder didnt work good because of group. Delete group.