Why does .setDrawRange() not work with the SVGRenderer?

When in use setDrawRange together with the SVGRenderer the range is not applied properly / not at all. I made an example with a comparison between the THREE.WebGLRenderer (default) and the SVGRenderer: https://codepen.io/sebastianbayer/full/LYJrjKB (inspired by this fiddle: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground).

The SVGRenderer always just shows the whole line instead of showing it point by point. Is there an option to avoid this behavior?

Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately no, SVGRenderer does not support draw range right now.

Thanks for your fast answer! Do you by any chance know a nice way to animate a line rendered with the SVGRenderer? If not with three.js directly I thought about animating the <path> of the rendered SVG but there are some problems with the fragmented path, see this question: Is it possible to control the render order of a path of a THREE.Line using the SVGRenderer?.

Would you have an idea how this problem could be solved?