How can I animate a LineDashedMaterial

I current studying at this example :, I try to combine the knowledge with this example :
My problem is I set the gapSize to 1e10, but I still got many dots rather than one dash .

var material = new THREE.LineDashedMaterial({
				color: 'blue',
				linewidth: 2,
				dashSize: 1,
				gapSize: 1e10

How can I animate the svg_Lines

It’s very confusing, mention about svg example and use WebGLRenderer :slight_smile:

Have a look at this reply for ideas:

@prisoner849 Hi , thank you . That mean the svgrenderer can’t do that. What possible useage of SVGRenderer

TBH, I didn’t get what you want in the result :slight_smile:
You’re asking about THREE.SVGRenderer(), but providing an example with THREE.WebGLRenderer().

Sorry , I don’t know . I originlly thought SVGRenderer can do all the job as WebGLRenderer plus showing the SVGs.