Stumbled upon an bug in the SVGRenderer

Hi Mr. Doob,

So I’m working on the project where I’m trying animate Illustrator (.svg) files, tho I stumbled upon this bug in the .svg renderer: SVGRenderer.js:234

Can’t continue with the project as of right now, could you take a look?

Thanks in advance,
/Anton a.k.a Hexagons

I’m sure @mrdoob will surely look into this. Do you have a GIthub Issue on the Three.js Github Page?

@Hexagons, the advice from @TheCodeCrafter is correct. If you think you’ve detected a bug, you should use the Three.js issue tracker on github. Please complete a issue there with an accompanying jsfiddle or similar which shows the code which exposed the bug.

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Posted a bug issue on GitHub:

/Anton a.k.a Hexagons

So after some tips on the issue tracker form on GitHub, I’ve realized that the bug is non related to why I can’t see my .svg file.

/Anton a.k.a Hexagons

In your file linked on github both svg have a style=“visibility:hidden” attribute. After changing them to “visible” I could see a thick brushstroke and some thin lines.

True they are working as dom elements.
I hid them because I’m trying to import them to three.js without using the dom renderer.

What I’m actually trying to do is convert them to three.js geometry.
Has anyone ever done this?

/Anton a.k.a Hexagons

There’s an SVG loader, have you tried using that?

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I did not know about the SVGLoader, thanks @looeee!

/Anton a.k.a Hexagons

Wow. Even I didn’t know about that. Well, then again, I never use the SVGRenderer and the CSS3DRenderer. I just don’t like using those. I don’t think I want to need them either!