SVGLoader.parse() errors

I am seeing strange behaviour when using the SVGLoader.parse() method such that a simple SVG (attached below) is broken upon rendering the geometry in ThreeJS. I am somewhat bound to use this method since the design system wraps SVGs inside an icon element which hides the svg pathing mechanism. Something that I found interesting and potentially could cause problems was that I must specify the winding direction of the SVG data. Does anyone see what I might be doing wrong or could advise how to fix? Many thanks (I have attached all code to a pastebin below)

<svg width="28" height="28" viewBox="0 0 28 28" xmlns=""><path d="M27.24 23.917L15.01 2.736a1.167 1.167 0 00-2.02 0L.76 23.916c-.448.778.113 1.75 1.011 1.75h24.457c.899 0 1.46-.972 1.011-1.75zM13.416 9.333h1.166v8.75h-1.166v-8.75zM14 21.583a.875.875 0 110-1.75.875.875 0 010 1.75z"></path></svg>

Pastebin: SVGLoader.parse() issue -

I’m afraid you are hitting:

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Ahh, seems so. Thank you very much :pray: