SVGLoader renders wrong shape

I’m loading this SVG with the SVGLoader and the shape is looking bad:

I added an example here react-ts-xnwmxg - StackBlitz

And this is how it should look:

I’m thinking it can be that the SVGLoader breaks with scientific notation (the e in the path data). Does anyone have a solution for this?
Thank you!

Are you sure the issue is caused by three :thinking: ? I pasted your SVG into a codepen (as plain HTML, no JS, no frameworks) and it seems to look the same way as it does in your example:

Screenshot 2021-02-14 at 05.20.19

Hey, sorry I changed the example when trying to solve it removing the scientific notation.
This is the original data:

"M92.79482019042968 214.3000000000004C45.294820190429675 182.00000000000034 40.794820190429675 145.40000000000032 39.59482019042969 97.30000000000041L39.494820190429664 94.70000000000039C38.494820190429664 55.40000000000032 34.794820190429675 52.40000000000032 10.594820190429687 33.40000000000032L10.494820190429664 33.30000000000041C0.39482019042969796 26.40000000000032 -1.2051798095703248 17.50000000000034 0.6948201904297093 11.400000000000318C2.894820190429698 4.300000000000409 9.494820190429664 3.410605131648481e-13 17.994820190429664 3.410605131648481e-13C25.19482019042971 3.410605131648481e-13 33.3948201904297 3.100000000000364 41.59482019042969 9.100000000000364C68.29482019042968 28.40000000000032 76.29482019042968 47.20000000000039 77.3948201904297 92.90000000000032L77.59482019042969 100.60000000000036C78.49482019042966 139.8000000000004 78.99482019042966 161.40000000000032 116.09482019042969 189.2000000000004L92.79482019042968 214.3000000000004Z"

and this is how it looks image

I think these are causing problems

Could you paste it in HTML field on codepen and see if it looks alright there? I’m still wondering if it’s three’s issue, or just general SVG problem.

yes it looks right, and I’m porting a canvas svg renderer that uses this svg without three js and it works well, opening with illustrator, figma and any other tool also works fine.
Here’s a codepen with the svg looking okay:

removing the e-[number] sort of work so that the issue is not super noticeable, but the curve is not exactly the same shape as the original :slightly_frowning_face:
replacing with the correct amount of zeros doesn’t look right either

I’m trying to replicate it on codepen - but meanwhile, wouldn’t just scaling the SVG up (so that these super low e-values don’t appear around) and then using .scale to scale them down work?

It seems like a number precision issue.

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hm that’s interesting. I will try it, but ideally I think It should support it. With our current use case we store a lot of path data in a database and scaling all our svgs before passing them to the three js SVGLoader may not work out great. But thanks for the quick answer, I will experiment with that idea :+1:

This issue was lately fixed on dev so it should be all good with the next release r126. Respective PR: