SVGLoader problems (doesn't render properly)

Hi all!

I’m using the SVGLoader() from . However, the rendered SVG is:

  1. Doesn’t show on initial scene load. I have to zoom in/out or move the around the scene (using OrbitControls) at least once then the SVG will render

  2. It cannot get ‘inside’ another rendered object. For example, I have a rendered .glb (.gltf) which works awesome, but even by positioning the SVG correctly, it just doesn’t want to go inside that glb (not visible when seen from inside the glb).

It just kind of floats around in the scene. As it’s quite difficult to say it in words, please kindly refer to this video: : - it may help to clear my explanation up (svg is the pink one),


Can you please share the SVG in this thread? I also have the feeling that it’s best if you share some sort of live example that demonstrates both issues.