Why do I have to update cubecameras like this?

I’ve never posted here. Bear with me.

I updated ThreeJS version from 103 to 123 last night. I didn’t have as many as errors as I thought I would (after changing the renderer to webgl1), but there was a problem beside that.

I used to update cubecameras per the documentation like this:

statue.visible = false;
statueRef.update( renderer, scene );
statue.visible = true;

That was throwing feedback loop errors. I tried this:

statue.material.visible = false;
statueRef.update( renderer, scene );
statue.material.visible = true;

and it works perfectly without any errors, but that way of updating the CCs isn’t in the documentation.

My question is should the ThreeJS docs be updated?

What do you mean by errors? Can you please share a bit more detail?

The only difference I can see in the code is changing material.visible to visible - and Object3D.visible shouldn’t throw any errors, since it’s still there in the latest release.

Screenshot 2020-11-27 120551

Please demonstrate this warning with a live example. We have certain cube camera examples in the repo and all of them work fine. You might have missed a migration task during your upgrade.

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It must be something specific to my code because I can’t recreate it with an example, hm…

It does make me wonder…