Cubecamera acting different between V97 and V108

I’m migrating my code to work with the latest and I notice the cubecamera behaves differently. I am using it as a reflection means so I am moving it below the ground plane, taking a render, and mapping that to the envMap of a road. Version 108 seems to clip some of the capture so it makes the reflection rise up or sink and get clipped, I’m not sure why but it basically clips out some region. When I try to align it by offsetting the camera a little higher it moves it but also causes it to distort in the distance. I can move close to the car and it starts to show up but you can see the misalignment.

Is this approach now unachieveable in R108? This is the same code, just change out the three,js file

Thanks for the great library by the way… im enjoying it

Can you please demonstrate the issue with a live example? Or maybe share your code as a github repository.

I was making an example for the first question I asked today and as part of that I wanted to use the latest version of 3JS to remove any extra complications on your end but the effect I wanted in the first place stopped working. Hard to post an example of poor/low FPS performance when the desired effect stopped working.

I will see what I can do this weekend. Thanks!

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A follow up on this… I’m running on version 108 now and I have the mirror example from threejs example creating a mirror like sheen on the track surface. However if I change camera near in my own project then it skews.

I’ve isolated the skewing issues to the camera.near setting. If near is set to default value 1 then the mirror works. If near is changed from 1 then the reflection becomes skewed. I’m testing it on the mirror example in threejs but it appears to work. I studied the technique paper that is provided in the comments but it isn’t obvious for a newbie like me.

I plan on doing an in car camera and I need the near to be set around .5.

Here’s two videos of it working great.

I am still unsure of the cause, I’m still looking into it. Just an FYI