Is the CubeCamera not working?

Hi everyone,
i was trying to create a cube-camera for my scene and for some reason only one side of the cube is rendered.
So i went back to look at the examples and in the Demo
is the same problem: The ball that should reflect something is just black with only one face of the cube-camera rendered on it.

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This is definitely a bug, introduced with this change. The three.js example does work with R101. Another workaround is to deactivate shadows.

Here is the line of code causing the issue:

WebGLShadowMap wants to restore the current render target but it does not apply the correct active cube face and mipmap level.

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Let’s see if this PR gets merged:

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Ahhh, cool. Thanks for looking into it and the response.
If the images get rendered thats okay for what i am trying to do atm:
I need to save these images to disk so i can generate a lightprobe from them.

Maybe in the future this step can beeven optional so it works like this:
lightProbe.copy( THREE.LightProbeGenerator.fromCubeTexture( cubeCam.renderTarget.texture ) );

Anyway, thanks again!

Okay, the PR is merged. Fixed with R105 :tada: