Incorrect reflections with multiple Cube Cameras and MeshStandardMaterial

Hi I have found a very weird issue when using multiple cube camera’s for reflections, when using MeshStandardMaterial some of the reflections are broken, but the same scene with MeshPhongMaterial is closer to what I would expect, the problem varies during the animation with the red sphere being perfect which may be related to it being the first camera updated?

Bad example using MeshStandardMaterial:


Good example using MeshPhongMaterial:


Should I log this as a bug or is their something wrong with my code?

Also any advice re getting colours correct for the reflections and similar colours when using different material types would be useful.

Confirmed as bug in three.js which resulted in this PR which fixes the issue PMREMGenerator: Correctly restore render target. by Mugen87 · Pull Request #27013 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub, I assume this will be in the future v0.158 release.

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