Which are the best open source visual IDEs for THREE or WebGL

I’ve been digging around and was curious what open source visual IDEs we have available to us? I’ve seen the THREE.js editor (which is quite awesome) but would love to see other implementations that scale for larger solutions and to get an idea of different approaches to the same problem.

I create something like that :grin: but I’m in the beginning of the way
you can try it TertiusAxis
I tell in my blog what I do Dragon3DGraff_Blog – Creating 3D Editor


That’s awesome! I’ll follow along in your blog. Looks like many folks are doing this as a hobby project. Would love to see if there are flushed out open source projects out there

If you like node-based apps, I’m working on https://polygonjs.com.
It’s still in closed beta, but I’m planning to open it a bit more in the coming weeks.


What do you mean by a visual IDE? One where you don’t have to use code?

Not sure if there is a different name for it but an IDE like Unity, Unreal, etc. where you have visual controls as well as code…

Looking forward to seeing it in the OS platform

I guess you would call those game development platforms. Closest thing is maybe the three.js editor:


In general, you call this a scene editor.

this was exactly the motivation behind Bemjax IDE development.

Something like this?