What methods/tools do you use to inspect memory usage?

Till now i used stats.js which has a memory display ,which does not provide adequate info

is there a better way of doing this ?
i want to track the entire site as well as just the rendereres memory usage

i have a site where there is a button to add and remove different models and would like to keep a track of memory usage after the dispose actions

I would usually run the profiler in Chrome Developer Tools – it provides some memory information, but is also not the greatest for this. If you have glTF models you can get a closer look at where memory might be used on this site: https://gltf.report/.


The models are light but there are hundreds of them , i just need a realtime display of memory usage so that after the dispose actions i can atleast confirm the memory is free , desktops runs perfectly fine but need to keep it light for phone , also some devices says ’ this tab is using too much memory ’

so with the profiler i have to record a before and after state right ? can just view it in realtime ?