What IDE do you use for three.js development?

“Bemjax is an OS working from the browser so Its a layer around everything we use today”

fantastic. I think that the current state of graphics rendering on the web is good enough for most people, and it’s up to the creators to implement interesting and spectacular things. The browser is the best and most accessible “renderer” that people have today, so focusing on browser capabilities is a good strategy.

As a wannabe audiovisual artist, I am interested in how well bemjax supports sound synchronization with visuals? Are there any plans for this kind of thing?

Yes, this is the Bemjax mission, but not editor…an IDE.
Development means handling content in the browser, and browser/layout engine can handle a lot of content/MIME types, APIs that handle this content and libraries that help us handle APIs.

I guess it was never intended to be a tool you can use to do a project exclusively, more like a playground implementing/showcasing threes capabilities.
It is a 3d editor and you can add some code.
Personally I like it in that role.

Noob question: Where else then? :slight_smile:

Bemjax handles everything the same way.
Just recorded a simple path animation synced with a sound as an answer.
There isnt an IDE, editor or lib, free, payed , opensource on the market that can do this.
If there is its not capable of prototyping such task in 2 minutes.

This two eamples are creating greensock tweens and using a sequencer to sync them so it seems that Bemjax is an animation tool, or an editor or something like that.
It is not.
It is an IDE capable of beeing setup to do, well, reallly almost anything.
As there is a high need for a good animation tool I am just making first demos regarding those user needs.
Actually these are not features of the IDE, but examples of extendability.


:man_white_haired: :raised_hand: I guess you mean a cool generation x senior developer? :wink:

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Impressive! It’s not very often that one has a full-featured app like this on the showcase. It seems like you’re a one-man team so far, have you considered hiring a marketing person to help spread the word? What is keeping you from releasing to the public?

boomer is the term now I guess :smiley:

Thank you, more than impressive, its pure fun!
What is seen in the videos does not explain the architecture…and thats the fun part.
Bemjax was made in it self and this is reflected in the architecture, workflow etc.

Yes. I am a product guy, and B has from the start been planned as a product.
I always used IT skills only as a means to create a product, and was blessed with oportunity to work on some amazing products (iOS, macOS, Ubuntu, was also invited to google to do Android but at the time I already went solo and skipped it. :confused: sad about it today, it would be fun to have all of those in portfolio). If people dont use it / adopt it whats the purpose?
If it cant make money, its not creating enough value for people ( not starting a flame war over here, this is heavily opinion based :slight_smile: . I love open source )
In Technology readiness level framework its between level 5 and 6. ( between lab and first user tests ).
In order to gain first users it has to pass some evangelism, because I kept silent about it.
Best way to evangelise is like this (i guess?), on specific users/libs/forums. As I like three very much I picked it as one of first to do.
Also it has to go through product-market fit and as I am right now a one man team my current strategy is following :
Create a Patreon account and set a goal of 500$.
If we can reach that it means there is an initial need for a product. ( An actual, payed product ).
This is enough for a product-market fit and I can continue with a VC backed development ( Investment for a dev and marketing team ).
Currently we have one backer on Patreon and I love it. Its a good start concidering I started with evangelism 2 weeks ago and made only one video few days ago :slight_smile:

In the mean time testing users will help out with polishing major bugs and UX and an actuall marketing/ user acquisition campaign can start.

Right now Im affraid I cannot aford a person/team/agency.
If you want to get on board you are more then welcome, as I really need help :smiley:

Nothing but time. As a project its quite big, so it needs more polishing.

Thank you for sub on youtube, I love what you do with Ableton-> midi->three.js.

in separate files I guess

@looeee seems that intellisense still not working for external js files, at least in my vscode 1.46-insiders. Here latest comment in intellisense issue.

Screenshot from 2020-05-25 20-00-53

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That look pretty cool,
as a feedback, the tools are use are pretty classic like every one. VSCode and Blender, I do most of the work as a hobby so can’t pay expensive tools.
I worked a lot to automate linking Blender exports with GLTF with automated parameters mapping so that I don’t have to tweak anything after the export from blender, and for a webserver that monitors file changes, it’s enough to save the file from Blender. So no issues for me with 3D design, but my pain is more with 2D web design, there I’m struggling.
It took me quite a while to accept the fact that there are no GUI IDE tools for the web and therefore I started learning HTML and CSS.
When it comes to my professional experience it’s a completely different environment “Embedded development” and believe it or not there is also a “No IDE” world, just tools. There it’s all a matter of toolchain, each tool perfects what it does but it does a small tiny thing and no one can coordinates the evolution of such an ecosystem under a single roof.
Back to the web, when we see the speed with which standards evolve such as SVG, CSS, and so on which company could keep up with the level of support of Chrome? So that it maintains an IDE with the same level of functionality.
When I look as VSCode, some reasons of its success hides behind the fact that it’s based on web itself, so anyone can add plugins. When I see other similar examples such as Atom got lagging behind.
I’ve seen all sorts of plugins to VSCode, even some with a lot of interactivity such as SVG drawing “graphviz, plantuml,…”
Now back to the points, a tool for the web can also be on the web (VSCode, Figma,…) note the usage of webassembly to give them that extra performance and close the gap with desktop tools and render them deprecated, I’d recommend that.
Your IDE looks quite interesting, but I can’t say more without testing it, from design point of view, if you know your customers and you’re answering their needs and they’re happy then every one is happy.

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True, not just to keep up what Chrome supports, but also to support all the ways users are going to be using those features/APIs. Therefore, in the planing stage of development one of initial pointers was :
"The tool we are making must be general and handle all types of content (code and data are also content) the same way, with no exceptions. That way we are making sure it will be able to handle future APIs or workflows"
The “…keeping up…” part is also adressed through extendible architecture. Bemjax is only providing a enviroment wich a user can alter his own needs. No instance/account will probably be the same.

Again, one of inital requests…
The tool has the work from the browser, on all platforms, with no exceptions or compromises.” I need to add here that if you are using it on a tablet a mouse is needed to get the same UX as on desktop.
One interesting initials was also
The tool has to be made in it self” This resulted in a unique architecture.
VSCode is definitely the market leader.
You can PM with your email if you wish e to put you on the testing list.

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looks like you gave a thought for all cases, good luck with your project.
I’ll share my email, but warning, I’m not a professional web designer :slight_smile: